Stop Trying to Die?

What does this mean, “Stop trying to die? Such an odd statement!”
some might say. old_self

Yet today, this idea of dying is a very relevant point to consider, is it not?

For example, when it comes to the degenerate, unsaved person, the Gospel is calling out to them saying, “It is necessary to die to your old self and old lifestyle. It says, “You have an old heart and you need a new one!”

Yet for Christians, this idea of trying to die has many problems when we investigate Scripture. As a blood bought child of God, it’s important to know what God says regarding this matter of “trying to die” or “crucifying yourself, daily.” Is this God’s will for you?

Allow me to lovingly challenge you in this area. I think you’ll like the results! Are you trying to die daily or trying to crucify yourself daily? You no longer need to try to do this if you are born-again. Jesus has handled all this “dying” business for you.


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